Photo ©Atanasio+ Martinez

Through a process of invention, imagination, and excavation, my ceramics give shape to different aspects of my subconscious and emotional life. Curiosity drives my practice.

I make sculptural vessels, based on personal narrative and universal myths, that reference rituals, celebrations, and the search for meaning in our lives. Inspired by history, folk art and early cultures, I aim to invoke a universally shared emotional experience that imparts a feeling of connectedness.

I hand build my ceramics using slabs and coils. The organizing principles of nature fascinate me - out of chaos comes order - material constantly rearranging itself in ways that only become apparent as I work, striving to make objects that transcend time and place.

“Addressing the visual assumptions of the medium, Bianca Juarez’s ceramics look as if they were recently excavated yet are produced in oxidation and multiple firings. Her works suggest a passing of time that has yet to occur; considering the process of history as a form of invention that is more subjective than objective” - Annie Wharton, Curator Ladies’ Room LA.

“Juarez’ visually striking works are pure examples of form; not rooted in literature or narrative. It is exactly their objective form that activates the space around them. They are remote in time and geography which lends them a fantastic multiplicity of viewpoints. They demand to be studied at length, each multilateral surface and dark void ultimately yield new surprises. With the metaphorical potency of play, chance and experimentation, they push the visual language of clay as a medium. One that holds memory, ritual and never loses its history.” - Bonnie Domingos, Curator, San Diego Central Library Gallery.

Bianca's work is available through Craig Krull Gallery and JF Chen in Los Angeles, Oolong Gallery in Solana Beach, and JC Studio in Palm Springs.